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Financing Your Next Aircraft

Why Use Us?

  • Created BY a pilot FOR pilots for the simple reason of making flying more affordable.

  • We are highly experienced in our field and have built excellent relationships with our panel of lenders. We can have as little or a much involvement in the buying process as you like and are happy to work with you as a personal concierge service utilising our extensive network of contacts built up in this area to help make the buying process easier.

  • Bespoke finance packages tailored to suit your requirements

  • We deal with all of the main aircraft finance companies in the industry, which means that we can find you the "right fit" for what you are looking for

  • We receive our fee from the finance company. You pay us nothing.

  • We can provide specialist finance for new or used aircraft wether you are buying a microlight or a private jet, we can help!


Nick Buckley - Above

How Does It Work?

01 Find Your New Aircraft

You can finance an aircraft that you have sourced yourself or anything available on our website.


02 Get In Touch

Either e-mail us at or call us on 01260 297 095 or 07775 353 531.


03 Tell Us Your Requirements

We will discuss the different finance products available to you. We can provide a traditional credit sale or hire purchase agreement that is fixed on the asset along with a balloon based finance product that off-sets some of the balance until the end of the agreement, meaning that there will be a lower monthly payment with a balloon payment due at the end of the agreement if you still own the aircraft.


04 Apply For Credit

If the figures fit your personal budget, we will ask you to fill out a simple finance proposal form along with some affordability questions. Once we have this information, we will submit the information to the finance company to get your line of credit in place.


05 Sign Your Finance Agreement

If the application for finance is accepted by the finance company, we will raise your finance documents for you to sign. There may be additional proofs of identity/address required and once your finance documents are signed, we will submit them to the finance company for payout.

06 Collect Your New Aircraft

Once the vendor has been paid you can collect your new aircraft! Simple as that!

Our Finance Rates for used aircraft are published below:

Balance to fund of £2,000-£5,000 - 12.9% APR

Balance to fund of £5,001-£10,000 - 10.9% APR

Balance to fund of £10,001-£20,000 - 9.9% APR

Balance to fund of £20,001 - £80,000 - 8.9% APR

Balance to fund of £80,001+ - Lower than the above but this is aircraft/credit specific. Please do get in touch for a quote.

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