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About Us

My name is Nick Buckley and I created My New Aircraft for a number of reasons. Firstly, I love flying. What better reason than that?!


I started my own finance brokerage specialising in finance for construction equipment and vehicles in November 2017 a few months after I started learning to fly. When I decided I wanted to look to buy my own aircraft to finish my training in, I found it difficult to find something suitable in my price band so I looked for finance options and I really struggled to find a suitable finance product.


There were finance companies out there who would finance aircraft in the form of a personal loan secured on my home, no thanks! There were finance companies that would finance my EASA GA aircraft that were over £100,000 balances to fund AFTER my 20% deposit. Again, unsuitable for what I wanted, so I found a finance company that was willing to work with me to make flying affordable for all. I brought the new finance products in under the name of my finance company and advertised the products. From my hundreds of pounds in advertising, I got zero results. Something was missing.


I did my research and realised that I needed to get to the heart of the flying community to get our ideas across of how we can make flying affordable for all, whilst also giving a boost to manufacturers. "My New Aircraft" was born.


Created to cater for all of your aviation needs, My New Aircraft is designed first and foremost to help fund your passion for flying. A vision I have is for the brand to grow into the forefront of flying, helping more people take up the hobby and increasing new aircraft sales in new and exciting ways.


Join us on the journey and help us support this incredible sport. From every used aircraft advertised with us (for free! a totally no lose deal for all of you sellers out there!) to every syndicate member, none equity share group member or aircraft buyer, it all helps us get closer to our goals.


If anyone has any ideas or opinions or even criticisms, please let me know. I am always willing to learn and always willing to listen.

P.S. I bought myself a beautiful little X-Air to finish my training in (opposite) and build up some hours on before I treat myself to something with a cabin heater and a little bit more speed/range!


Thank you for your ongoing support,


Happy Flying!


Nick Buckley

Microlight flying
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